Should I Get a Second Opinion on My Case?

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Should I Get a Second Opinion on My Case?

Should I get a second opinion about my case?  This is a question often asked by those facing any legal action.  This can be specifically important when facing criminal charges.  Once the attorney representing the defendant has given the defendant a tough answer or the offer from the District Attorney involves considerable serve time, it may be time to seek a second opinion. We at Griffin & Davis, PLLC have always been of the opinion that having a second attorney take a look at your case is a good idea.

While all members of the bar have similar legal training, each has had different experiences during their legal careers. This ultimately will lead to different practice styles and different trial preparation approaches. This can mean that two reasonable attorneys may disagree on the validity of a particular defense.  One attorney may very well find defenses where another would not. A fresh set of eyes can sometimes net meaningful benefits to your case.

A good, practical example of this is State of Tennessee v. Patricia Anne Haynie before the Cumberland County Criminal Court, sitting in Crossville, Tennessee. This case was handled by firm partner, Brandon Griffin. Ms. Haynie faced a two-count indictment containing charges of Sale of Schedule II, Morphine in a Drug Free Zone and Delivery of Schedule II, Morphine in a Drug Free Zone. To compound matters, she also faced a probation violation on a five-year sentence. Before Mr. Griffin became involved in the case, two members of the local, private bar represented Ms. Haynie.  Both of these attorneys are in good standing with the bar. The State had offered Ms. Haynie five years to serve to both of her previous attorneys.

Upon a detailed review of the case, Mr. Griffin discovered that the new charges actually occurred prior to her being placed on probation.  As such, the charges could not be used as a basis to violate her probation. In reviewing the evidence on the new charges, Mr. Griffin also noticed that portions of the videos of the incident raised serious issues as to Ms. Haynie’s degree of criminal culpability here.  Particularly, the conversations recorded in the video raised such issues.

Mr. Griffin presented these issues to the State during the course of negotiations.  This ultimately resulted in a new offer of a year-split on the probation violation with a three-year sentence–all suspended to supervised probation–on a reduced charge of Facilitation of Sale of Schedule II, Morphine on Count 1 of the new charges. This new offer ran consecutive to the five-year sentence that she was already on and Count 2 would be dismissed. This new offer satisfied Ms. Haynie and she accepted the plea deal before the Cumberland County Criminal Court. This result shows it is never a bad idea to get a second opinion when dealing with your case!  Let the attorneys at Griffin & Davis, PLLC give you the second opinion you need to help your case.

If you have a criminal issue, let us help you! We directly service Sparta, Kingston, Crossville, and Cookeville with offices in each.  We also handle matters in the surrounding regions.  Call us at 931-837-2050 or 865-354-3333. For more information about Griffin & Davis, PLLC and our law practice, visit our website at

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